Be yourself

Today I whittled another knife. I fear it is becoming an addiction!

Following a few recent conversations and observations, I feel I would like to say this:
Girls, it is completely and utterly ok to have pink nails but to also enjoy whittling sticks.
It is also ok to be able to make fantastic fires in torrential rain and be equally as good at applying false eyelashes ready for a night of dancing. It is fine to feel at home at an afternoon tea party with pretty cups, and equally at home wading knee deep in mud whilst sharing a passion for wildlife. You can be capable of safely handling an axe and know exactly the right knot for a hammock, but also have a penchant for sparkly, vintage handbags. You can be proficient in erecting a shelter or love nothing more than being amongst the branches at the top of a tree, but also love cocktail umbrellas in your drinks and bows on your shoes. You can love fairies, dragons and unicorns but also be interested in science. You can love fluffy kittens, but still be able to proficiently navigate across the misty moors with a compass. You can be you. You don’t have to fit into a category. Never try and be what you think you are supposed to be. Whoever you are and whatever you love is completely and utterly fine.

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