Derbyshire Forest Schools Day 2016

“Lots of useable and transferable ideas.”

“Great! I have got lots of good ideas to pass onto my colleagues.”

“I absolutely loved the ideas and I am looking forward to trying them out.”

“A super session. Lots of great ideas to share and incorporate into sessions.”

“Although aimed at KS2, the ideas could also be adapted to EY and KS1. Fab!”

“Great new perspective for me…thank you!”


Holly’s workshop provided me with lots of practical ideas for using the outdoor environment to develop and enhance children’s learning. Designed to capture children’s interest, her imaginative ideas can easily be embedded into the curriculum.

Having started the workshop as an exhausted Year 6 teacher with SATS targets on the brain, I finished it inspired to try new, creative ideas that I know will help to move the children’s learning on whilst having fun!”  Year 6 Teacher, Grange Primary School


“The challenges of a changing curriculum have taken my focus, when designing daily lessons, away from the learning environment towards the skills and knowledge needed to be imparted on the children in my class.  Holly’s outdoor learning inset gave my practice the much needed ‘spring clean’ that it required.  

Her ideas for using our school environment to its potential inspired, motivated and revitalised how I thought about the learning experiences that I provide my children with.  In the weeks since the training, my teaching team and I have placed the importance of the outdoors at the forefront of our minds across all subjects, but particularly in relation to the children’s writing skills and experiences.

  ‘Advertisements’ has been our most recent writing genre and we found that coupling the outdoors with this had a fantastic effect.  The children wrote an advert persuading teachers in our school to use the outdoors to complement their lessons.  The ideas that the children came up with were inspiring and engaging and proved to us that they clearly value the outdoors as a resource that enriches their learning.

 We look forward to continuing to use our rich and diverse outdoor space to take our children on memorable and relevant learning journeys that caters for all learning styles.  Thank you for bringing my teaching back to life Holly!”   Literacy Co-ordinator, Grange Primary School

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